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to be running for president of the united states, there are two things you don't do in debates. one, you don't run over a female moderator. stylistically you don't. it's very dangerous. jim lehrer, fine. you can get out a knife and have a knife fight with jim lehrer. but you don't do that with a female moderator. it's problematic. secondly, you don't run over the president of the united states. whether that president's a republican or whether that president is a democrat. there are independent voters who believe that a president should be treated with deference because he is the commander in chief. >> and you do it carefully. >> more in sadness than in anger. >> with all due respect. with all due respect. >> and the mitt romney that we saw yesterday was the mitt romney who was very successful in cutting off newt gingrich and rick perry and herman cain when the stakes were far lower, and it took him about 20 minutes to figure out that he just couldn't be that much of a bulldozer. >> yeah. well, when he said that thing to the president at one point, "you'll get your turn." that was an incredib
not acquire a nuclear weapon. take a listen. >> i'll put the leaders of iran on notice that the united states and our friends and allies will prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. i will not hesitate to impose new sanctions on iran and will tighten the sanctions we currently have. i'll restore the permanent presence of aircraft carrier task forces in the eastern mediterranean and the gulf. and i'll work with israel to increase our military assistance and coordination. for the sake of peace, we must make clear to iran through actions, not just words, that their nuclear pursuit will not be tolerated. >> richard haass, where do we begin? i feel he was making a false accusation about the present policy that the president is placing on iran and trying to turn the argument around. a policy that quite frankly he was describing the same thing, was he not? that we're already doing? >> with one important exception. when he talks about preventing iran from getting nuclear capabilities, that's slightly different. the president talks about our policy is to prevent iran from getting nucle
the 47%? how about the president of the united states standing up there and doing it? >> and the press, mike. >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> we need to move forward. >> they had a rolling set of excuses from the very beginning. at first it was the blogosphere and listening to people go, well, the moderator didn't let barack obama talk as much as mitt romney. well, yes, he did. actually, yes, obama talked more. he just had less to say. >> just like the republicans had a rolling set of excuses for the jobs numbers, so it goes both ways. >> those are conspiracies. >> there's a difference between excuses and full-blown conspiracies. by the way, i can't wait for the readjustment of those jobs numbers. by the way, we may have been off a little bit. >> stop it. oh, stop it. i've been studying that. >> i'll bet number. >> 7.8 is just fine, thank you. the president's debate performance remained a hot topic on the sunday talk shows. former presidential candidate newt gingrich and senior obama adviser david axelrod were asked if obama should have called out romney if he thought his opponent was being
for the united states was not doing more iraqs and afghanista afghanistans, quote unquote nation building begins at home. that's what people want to hear. it's the sense we've overreached, overextended, and the biggest challenges are education. look how much they talked about teachers, infrastructure, deficit. essentially we've got to -- not become isolationists, but recalibrate. >> mitt romney came in strong kind of talking about how bad off we are and how our role in the world has gone down a notch or two. and the president came right back saying actually, no. and we have a lot to be proud of, a long to go, but here's what we're doing. he went into manufacturing and went into all the things he's done that's played into building america from the middle out, which builds our strength ultimately in terms of national security. >> that's the argument you had to convey. i do think it is ironic that after four years of us conservatives saying this president is not up to the task of being commander in chief, is not up to the task of understanding the nuance of foreign policy, he's not up to the task o
that the united states and tehran have agreed in principle to engage in one-on-one negotiations over iran's nuclear program. the article which cites anonymous sources within the obama administration says the talks would take place after the presidential election. the white house says the report is not true. true or not, richard haass, you already see folks on the romney side trying to exploit this as a bad thing. is it a sign of bad things to come or perhaps a sign that the sanctions are working? >> i think it's exactly right. it's a sign the sanctions are finally kicking in. the iranian currency fell by something like 40% over the last two weeks. >> yep. >> they're feeling the pain. this is a good thing. i think the united states should test the iranians. we should offer a comprehensive offer. and we'll find out. >> so this is a good thing. >> i think it's a good thing. >> one on one. >> it's clarifying. it either will get a deal that we can live with, which is a good thing because no one should be anxious to go to war given all the uncertainties. >> did the israelis have a problem with
futile. it wasn't always like this. >> the united states military has begun strikes. >> at first, the war had momentum. and a clear purpose. al qaeda with bases in afghanistan attack the united states on 9/11. just three months later, the u.s. drove the taliban from power, al qaeda and osama bin laden were on the run. it was done with a few hundred cia officers, special forces, and air power. a quick victory. but not decisive. >> that was nbc's richard engel reporting. and he goes on to report that they have made gains, mike barnicle, the life expectancy has extended because of health care, girls are getting educated. but when you look at that piece, you realize there's no way in, no way to stay in and not a good way of getting out, either. >> this is a very depressing story. on october 7th, united states begins its 12th year of war in afghanistan. 12 years. for those of you at home this morning getting the kids ready for school or getting ready for your workday, think of the war in afghanistan this way. if a 20-year-old marine is killed by the afghans, our supposed allies, that marine wa
in denver, clearly, and jon meacham alluded to it, the president of the united states made mitt romney a plausible alternative. made him a plausible alternative. and as a result, you now have places like ohio and other states very much in play for governor romney. the president of the united states, again, from speaking to people yesterday and looking at the internals of their own polls, appeared not to want the job as much as governor romney did. and it had a huge ripple effect apparently within this country. so we're at the point now where tonight is just as you indicated as important debate as we've had since 1980. >> mark, do you agree that one thing the president does have going for him tonight is not just expectations that whatever he does, if it's positive at all, it will be a success, but that he does have not only democrats, but let's be honest, some members, many members of the media poised to say he's back, this is a redemption story. he's back, he's done it, he's back in command of this race, don't you think that takes hold almost regardless of what happens tonight? >> i do
, in that clip, i saw biden as the president of the united states talking about security which is something he knows far more about. >> this one right here? what i see in paul ryan -- >> he said he's going to get to the bottom of it. >> it doesn't matter. it's like romney making up all that stuff two weeks ago about the $5 trillion. he said -- the reason romney did well in that debate is he said it with conviction and surety. it doesn't matter what you say. >> i'm looking at paul ryan here. i know him. what he's thinking is i cannot believe you don't have your story straight. >> which is exactly what barack obama was thinking two weeks ago. joe biden in this clip if you turn off the sound, he looks like the president of the united states talking. you can dispute the facts. that's what people see. >> i think this is a problematic issue that's going to continue. >> al hunt, beyond the debate, i guess the question that willie's been asking and i've been asking around the table for the past week, why can't they get the story straight on benghazi? >> well, no, they can't. and i happen to agree with
than others. the president of the united states clearly has an inability to give himself to an audience the way bill clinton does. >> that's one way to put it, donny. >> he is so brilliant in the convention to break it down. beyond that engagement factor that we clearly didn't see with the president, but to me he gave me a road map for a 30-second spot for the rest of the campaign. 5-second clips next to each other. what are you getting? he just -- it is stunning the way -- with a brilliant performance, if you contradict it with so many things over the last six months was a joke. >> bill clinton, it was vegas, come on. >> donny deutsch can tell you something happens to a man when he goes to vegas. >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> he left his feet at one point, bill clinton. >> he jumped and elevated. he elevated. you know, mika, though, we have another -- let's say another cog it to put in this machine the democrats are building it to suggest that mitt romney is a flip-flopper on abortion. >> hoels is he going to win? got to do what he's got to do. >> he's flip-flopping on ab
. the united states pledging quick relief for the millions of victims of the hurricanes. today president obama is scheduling to arrive in atlantic city to survey the damage alongside governor chris christie. this morning the associated press reports the storm killed at least 50 people. there are more than 8.2 million households still without power across 17 states. and many of the outages could last beyond election day. between damage to property and the economy, the total impact expected to reach a staggering $50 billion. the damage is perhaps nowhere worse than the coastline of new jersey where sandy came ashore laying waste to an amusement park and historic boardwalk at seaside heights. as for the airports, jfk, newark, they're expected to resume limited service this morning. the same cannot be said for laguardia. jetblue posted these photos of the runways submerged. more than 18,000 flights have already been canceled as a result of sandy. and police had to take to the air to save victims from rooftops in staten island after floodwaters surrounded their homes. they were loaded one by one in
. >> how can you be president of the united states, mark halperin, and, i mean, and not have these basic answers? >> well, it's more than i think the format than not having the answers. he spent a lot of the evening going after mitt romney for things that he thinks he can win the election on like taxes and medicare. it wasn't like he never responded to it. >> but isn't the format in washington is that you get in a room with someone and you go at it and you try and figure it out? >> that's what we're asking. has he been too isolated? listen, we talked to him. the guy is brilliant. he really is. but has he become so isolated there's not the back-and-forth with even democratic leadership? because the democrats will tell you, he doesn't talk to them a whole lot. >> he doesn't listen. >> and he doesn't listen to them. >> he's pretty confident of his own views. look, there are a lot of elements to why the performance was bad starting with he's not that great a debater. he ended up in a room with a guy from his first answer was not the version of mitt romney i think he practiced against. so all
, actually, are going to see mitt romney on a stage with the president of the united states, and they're going to have to figure out, well, does he understand us? he said 47% of us, you know, are basically bust-outs. does he really understand my life? this is going to be their shot at getting a peek at that. for that reason and that reason alone, i think this debate is very important for mitt romney. >> can i pick -- >> and i think the debates -- i personally think debates are so great for candidates because they can talk without the filter of all of us saying what this means or what that means. and mitt romney, you know, you look at mitt romney, he's been portrayed as this 47% guy, and a lot of faux pases that he's made. this is his chance to talk to the american people straight. i remember 1980 -- and i bring this up to you, sam, because you weren't even born in 1980. >> i was not, yeah. >> but ronald reagan, people forget, before the debate, ronald reagan was painted as this looney, right-wing fanatic that would start world war iii, dr. strangelove, and it was the debate that stuck
of the united states? you have, you know, once again, the middle seeming to prevail here. at least last night, again, it's just one night, but -- >> just one night. >> i think we all agree, though, this was a winning message for mitt romney. >> winning message, just one night. you saw governor romney finally doing -- he wasn't pretending to be something or someone that he's not. >> yeah. >> that's who mitt romney was. the mitt romney you saw last night, that's who he is. the object of the debate was for the country to give him a second look. he's certainly going that get that second look. in the president's favor, what he's got going for him now is editing. the tapes of the debate last night will be edited and voters tonight on the news will see a crisper, leaner version of the debate last night. all the hums and has and looking down, that will be gone. and you're going to decide. >> and mika, a lot of fact checking here. the obama campaign is going to pull out the inconsistencies, and they'll probably start killing him with 30-second ads. there will be parts of this debate that will play aga
bowles said a couple weeks ago in chicago, every dime the united states government took in this past year went to pay medicare, medicaid, social security, and interest on the debt. that's it. those three programs and interest on the debt. and we don't have either candidate talking specifically about how they're going to change that. >> well, look. one of the biggest complexities in dealing with the fiscal cliff is dealing with health care, not just medicare and medicaid but health care overall. i've been surprised at how little attack on obamacare has been part of governor romney's closing argument at least so far. he'll mention it on occasion, but i thought it would be front and center. reasons for that, the president's certainly not out there every day talking about how great obamacare is and how people should reward him with a second term so he can fully implement it. neither of them, for their own reasons, wants to take that on fully, but it's a huge part of what the discussions are going to have to be about because if you're going to lower the deficit in the medium and long term, you
thinking yesterday when you decided i'm going to put the president of the united states down in some corn. >> by a hay bale. >> with bales of hay all around to make brian williams look like he's one of the country bears in country bear jamboree. what's going on there? >> i guess the story can be told now, brian did call me. >> okay. >> yesterday about noon. >> right. >> said geist, what do we go with? and i said, you're going to want to get yourself some bales of hay because it's just two guys in blue suits hanging out on the farm. >> it's like nixon walking, you know, along the pacific coastline in his wing tips. >> ribozo. >> or you doing a three-hour show with food on your fleece. >> it's a stainable fleece. >> if you have a belly, you don't even have to reach that far. >> that's harsh really early in the morning. she's just like right in there. >> what, are you talking to remnick? is this the revenge of david remnick? >> i thought that was a fascinating conversation. i think you did a fairly good job with it. >> i did apologize on twitter last night. >> you were vicious. >> no, no, no
up. the looming federal budget crunch and a sense that major attacks on the united states are unlikely are fueling a growing call to scale back spending. >> not so sure we want to do that. "the wall street journal," ceos of more than 800 companies are calling on congress to reduce the deficit by using a combination of taxes and massive spending cuts. it includes the heads of at&t, boeing and delta airlines, also dow chemical and goldman sachs. the plan calls for less health care spending, a solution for solvent social security and an overhaul in the tax code by reducing deductions, credits and loopholes. >> "usa today," school districts from new york city to anchorage, alaska, are showing that healthier options in school lunches may help combat childhood obesity. in philadelphia, obesity in k-12 students is down 1% over the span of three years. it is a start. but in mississippi, obesity rates in elementary school students are down 6% from 2007. that is a good start. >> that is good news. >> a good start. >> and if the federal government is paying for these lunches -- >> th
or iowa to be the next president of the united states. if he loses all three, this race is over. >> well, with so much riding on ohio, yesterday former president bill clinton and bruce springsteen teamed up in the buckeye state and also in iowa to rally voters for president obama. >> mr. romney says i'm going to do all this. i'm going to just cut taxes for the middle class. i'm not interested in rich people. they'll pay the same percentage of tax they pay now. what does that -- he thinks we're dumb. we keep saying show us your budget. where are your numbers? the president has given you a budget. he said, you won't like all of it. it adds $2.50 of spending cuts for every $1 in new revenues, but we've got to do something about the debt and it will take the debt down $4 trillion. here are my numbers. where are your numbers? this guy ran bain capital and is a business guy, and he's hiding his budget? that ought to tell you something. >> my god. >> you know, mika, it should be illegal to enjoy campaigning as much as bill clinton. he enjoys campaigning. the guy loves it. he lathers it. >> it's
and being the president of united states for several days and perhaps the rest of this week, what does this mean to the race? this storm. >> we'll see just how bad the damage is. ohio and florida are important early voting states and we don't think they're going to be particularly affected by this. my sense is based on the level of damage, thank goodness the minimal loss of life, my sense is that by tomorrow with the exception of virginia, i don't know that any battleground states will be really impacted by the storm in terms of early vote advertising, candidate visit, except for virginia. >> okay. we've got two other stories we want to get to. first one of the hardest fought races in the country. a new boston globe poll shows republican senator scott brown narrowly leading elizabeth warren 45% to 43% in the massachusetts u.s. senate race. brown trailed by five points a month ago. and while the same poll shows president obama with a 14-point lead over mitt romney, 52-38, the former governor's support has grown by eight points there since last month. >> mike, i saw another poll out mayb
president of the united states, but he's got to run the table. he's got to win florida. he's got to win north carolina. he's got to win virginia. he's got to win iowa. he's got to win colorado. he's got to win nevada. he's got to win them all. >> and it's a republican-leaning battleground state. you know, ohio gives me flashback to my favorite comparison for this election which is 2004. this point in 2004, october 10th, actually after the second presidential debate in 2004, john kerry had a lead. effectively the race was tied, but he had a lead among likely voters of one point. that was after two dedabatedeba it came down to ohio. it is an extremely close race, well within the margin of error. for the president's supporters and maybe his critics who thought that he was in freefall after that first debate, these latest round of poll numbers suggest that that isn't the case. >> actually, it seems, mike, that if you look historically over the past couple of weeks, you look at the first debate, you look at the vice presidential debate, it seems like it kept mitt romney in the game. we were
breather in the united states produced that 3,000 people on youtube had seen. that was the insult, that it wasn't some larger public, that they believed publicly it was based on the video. >> my bottom line, mark halperin, you look at all the polls, americans want to get back to work and want the economy to turn around. while this is an extraordinarily important story, i don't know that this, as goes benghazi, so goes toledo. i don't think so. the romney people do have a difficult decision to make here because it's a very legitimate story. now is the time to go after it, but do americans care? >> well, if you look at the polls -- >> let me restate that. americans do care. is it going to move people from obama to romney? >> unlikely for two reasons. one is that the president is still seen as stronger on foreign policy. there's been some up and down, but in the latest polls he's still seen as pretty strong, and also people care more about the economy. i think governor romney has an obligation to talk about foreign policy, though. and the linkage is what i still think is their strong
that was fair or unfair. but the fact is, when you become the president of the united states, you also become the commander in chief. and having a very clear and assertive understanding of what that means, it matters. >> but i think when people look back on these debates, the first debate was obviously an incredibly consequential moment in this campaign, however the election ends. i think the second and third debates will kind of disappear from memory. i think they'll not have any lasting impact. >> so steve, tell us what you're involved in right now. we've heard about ceos that are coming together and sending a message to republicans and democrats alike in washington. grow up. get together. put our fiscal house in order. talk about the organization and what you're doing and what it hopes to accomplish. >> and why it took so long. >> i don't know about that part. so yesterday, we announced the campaign to fix the debt over 80 ceos of major company from general electric, honeywell, goldman sachs, jpmorgan chase. you name it. and the idea is basically, it's time to deal with the fiscal problem,
when you're out there talking with people, that the president of the united states somehow -- well, we know how -- did himself irreparable damage in that first debate. and it allowed a certain percentage of people, perhaps enough to swing this election, to take a look at mitt romney and say, you know, he's an acceptable guy. >> yeah. >> off that first debate. >> we start to get that feeling out of the convention. you start to feel like okay, maybe the president's going to create some separation here. we were going to start feeling what we felt four years ago where it was moving toward president obama. and then it was completely blunted by exactly what you're saying, that first debate performance by the president and a good one by mitt romney. >> willie, you brought it up, and i've seen it, too, mika and i have seen it wherever we go, for some reason liberals, democrats, they're scared. i don't know if they're just naturally -- more naturally worried than conservatives, but everywhere i go, people come up to me and grab me and go, it's going to be okay, right? he's going to win. >> well
there is the median family income is just about flat but costs in the united states have gone up. so really your money has gone about 8% less far than it did four years ago. >> you talk next about troops in afghanistan. >> wow. >> yeah, troops in afghanistan, you can see the numbers. you know, they're way, way down. but actually, the numbers that you really want to focus on are iraq. that is a promise that obama made and that's a promise that obama kept. >> are you better off now than you were four years ago in terms of the budget deficit and the gdp? >> so on gdp yes, on budget deficit, clearly you can see we have taken on a lot of money. now, what's interesting about the budget deficit is where it actually comes from. i think a lot of people presume that the stimulus is responsible for most of that. and in fact, it's not true. if you look at our deficit and our debt, the debt number between 2001 and 2010 has gone way, way up. 17% of that is the bush tax cuts. about 12%, 13% of that are the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the stimulus is responsible for 7%. >> okay. so over the past four years, though,
to the united states on a student visa in january and he did it with the sole purpose of launching a terror attack. police say that he even took classes in cyber security before trying to contact what he thought were al qaeda operatives. they ended up being undercover agents for the fbi. >> detroit news, after years of promises that electronic cars would end the nation's reliance on imported oil, sales have barely gotten off the ground. ford motor company say it sold only 228 focus electric cars in september and early this week, a123 systems declared bankruptcy. >> boy, that is stunning. the volt running into a lot of trouble over at gm. >>> up next, the best of late night. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future.
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)